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"The Sunflower represents all nationalities that have had their freedoms and rights taken.


As a symbol of STRENGTH, but also as a symbol of REBIRTH and CREATIVE ENERGY to RENEW. 

Through conversation we can recognize those who suffered from these injustices and, through greater awareness, ensure that similar injustices are less likely to be repeated in the future as we work towards a new renewal of Canada."

Michelle Loughery
Master Artist Creative Influencer 

The Sunflower Project Founder

For me, the sunflower embodies the simple complexity of life and plants roots of “home”.


I love how we can each look at the swirls in the heart of the flower and see so many different patterns - all extending outward, all based on a single, simple concept.


I love the interaction they bring:

the bees, the birds, the shared smiles. I love the fact that they come back, year after year, spread by that interaction.


Simply said, they are “JOY and HOPE and LEGACY.    

 Brenda Ellis

#BlossomOkanagan Seed Connector


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“From one mighty seed, the soul of society grows.”  - Lorrie Fleming, BC achievement award winner and founder of the Canadian Route 66 Association. 







Hi. Michelle. I just wanted to send you this note and thank you for the opportunities that you give to artists. You are my new earth angel.


I was working on the second part of my mural today and I was thinking about you and the gift that this project has been for me. I have been able to work through some dark spots that we all experience with this coved epidemic. The mural project has led me to many other paintings and back to it again. I am not sure that I would have been as enthusiastic without this call out. It has given me focus and drive. And now the sunflower project has awakened another part of me. Your words and invitation to participate in these projects are life giving. I also believe that it is very important and our duty as artists to shine a light into the darkness. So my dear thank are a breath of fresh air" ... xoxo Jo (Petty)

kindness ...
              always kindness






When we look to the future.

From a place of the past.

We can make a road to recovery based
on our sunflower philosophy of


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sunflower wall.png


“Our sunflowers will speak of diverse beginning and the blending that makes us all uniquely Canadian. The diversity of our beginnings are the legacy in which we become the Light for a future of prosperity, Peace and unity”.   - Marina Papais, Renowned Glass Artist


“Aspiration.  I want to be more like a sunflower Rooted and steady, planted on this big beautiful blue earth. Swaying along with life’s breezes and gusting winds.  Golden face to the sky, anticipating.”   - Patricia Doyle, Artist 



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Michelle I  am so impressed with your murals and your new endeavour with the sunflower project. Although I have been concentrating on my education for the last eight years or so and also my "Vernon Girls Trumpet Band Alumni" marching band activities,I have been watching your activities with great interest. The idea of spreading joy through this time with your project is akin to our bands endeavours as we are go around playing for people and especially people that are most effected by the COVID-19 isolation, of example care homes and our hospital etc. Also I hope this mural we are involved with brings a brightness to the area in which it sits in. Anyway I am still a big fan of your art as it is very impactful to any community you work in. We are blessed to have you. This is a time that artists can make a difference and uplift peoples spirits. If we can promote positive attitudes, that will be the key to good health and our capability to work our way out of this thing. Like that old saying goes, "We can turn our lemons into lemonade."

Ruth Nygard 

“Thank you for making my days of struggles brighter"  - a sunflower friend

Hi:)  Loving the 'ART Route Gold' posts and projects. This is my sunflower painting done by dads partner.   I love the project as sunflowers are a symbol of safety for me.   Once on a road trip to the Grand Canyon in a VW camper van with a friend, I found everyplace we found to camp or adventure unexpectedly, had sunflowers! One time our gps even took us pass the camp spot we were aiming for and instead to a beautiful place beside a river with sunflowers!  I love the idea of safety radiating out for everyone.  -  Deanna Vernon-Wood

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