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My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back. - Louis Riel

Artists are the creative architects and the professionals who have the training, talent, experience and vision to guide this world through Covid19 renewal revolution.  Community Artists help us all define what we want our communities to be, creating content that forms a circular connection based economy that supports people, place and planet.

Artists are the Architects that see the big picture. We say “ARTITECTS.”  Artists don't just decorate - they create total social economic environments, places and experiences, that satisfy functional, utilitarian infrastructure design needs that are cultural, exciting, healthy dynamic spaces in which to work and live. 


Working with community artist contractors and other business art professionals, communities can support Canada’s renewal with a well-designed project that meets your needs and works with your budget and time frame.


By supporting artists and art non-profits we can recreate tourism legacies and infrastructure through content and digital jobs and artistic architecture opportunities. You can hire experienced and imaginative Artitects from our connected AR:T Route blue database. 


One of the most important effects of art is on out mental health, creating art or music help heal with a frequency that is ageless and forms connections to each other, the planet and ourselves.  ​

The Sunflower Project is a campaign under the Rural Creates initiative and AR:T ROUTE BLUE movement  that is using the symbol of the sunflower as a light to a renewed creative economy. These times have been hard on all of us and together we are bringing artists together to support change. This project pays tribute to the past roots of Canada while planting seeds for the next creative revolution. Seed one is at the milestone of the gold rush Mile O, in Cache Creek BC and as the gold rush built BC’s economy many years ago, may the gold in the creative people from all the communities along those paths, unite to create a path again.  The people are the gold along AR:T ROUTE BLUE AND GOLD.

Working with regional champions of The Sunflower Project who contributed to what was started in the Okanagan, BC, and many world renowned artists the work for renewal starts with the planting of sunflower seeds, and the creation of public art stops. Using repurposed industrial debris we shall create art in action connected engagement that will leave new tourism and community building models for rural recovery and response to the changes this world faces.  

“As we plant the seeds for recovery, let us #blossomBC. For the first time in digital history the world is experiencing a global sense of individual and community “internment”, together. As the world emerges, The Sunflower Project campaign is a movement and a connector of #PeoplePlacePlanet.” Michelle Loughery, International Renowned Master artist, visionary, and project founder.  

The roots of the project use a past and present lens to commemorate the internment plight of all nations in the history of Canada.  A cross country act of connected planting, to shed light on the strength and resilience of all who toiled to build a strong Canadian future. And today we as a collective community invite everyone to plant seeds towards the recovery of Canada. In honour of yesterday, in light of a brighter tomorrow.


The sunflower symbolizes not only strength and beauty, but the importance of food security and the creative sector, as we move towards recovery and renewal.  As an act of inclusion, all of Canada will be invited to contribute to a national planting campaign and tag:

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"The Sunflower represents all nationalities that have had their freedoms and rights taken. As a symbol of strength, but also as a symbol of rebirth and creative energy to renew. 

Through conversation we can recognize those who suffered from these injustices and, through greater awareness, ensure that similar injustices are less likely to be repeated in the future as we work towards a new renewal of Canada."

- Michelle Loughery 

International Master Artist 

The Sunflower Project Founder

Concept and project initiative of award-winning Artist Michelle Loughery, Canadian First World War Recognition Fund Internee Descendent Representative, and founder of the AR:T Route Blue™, Rural Creates™ Recovery Initiatives and Rural Creates Wayfinder Academy.


Listen to the Sunflowers

Seeds of Hopeguest Lana O'Brien
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Talking to the SunflowersMichelle Loughery
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Sunflower tea withPatricia Kozler
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withMichelle Loughery and Andrea Malysh
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The Sunflower Project Seeds of Hope


A Story of Ukrainian Internment in Canada.

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Get Involved - How?

Plant Sunflower seeds, watch them grow and see how they blossom

in your community!


Take Selfie Photos of Sunflowers

upload photos to social media.


Tag and share to

The Sunflower Project!  

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“Like the sunflowers in the field when the light fades, we can turn to each other to gain connected strength.


For my immigrant grandparents,
who were interned during
World War One in Canada,
let the sun shine on your faces.  


And to my grandchildren, make your tomorrow be better than today!”

-  Michelle Loughery 
International Master Muralist

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About Sunflowers

The Sunflower is native to North America and was cultivated by Native Americans for multiple uses.

Tallest Sunflower as of 2014 is 9.17 m (30 ft 1 in) grown in Germany!

Young sunflowers use an instinctive action called Heliotropism to  solar track the sun.

Cultures around the world use Sunflower seeds as a food source, medicine, dye and oil.


Sunflowers are one many types of plants known to aid in the removal of contaminates in soil. 

Bee Aware - planting Organic, Non-GMO seeds supports bees!

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