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The Sunflower Project

The Sunflower Project is a signature Artist Loughery, ART as WAYFINDER Signage global connected art trail project.
For 30 years Loughery has been using engagement public art as creative wayfinding path in life and community. Supporting communities and non profits around the world to support thousands of marginalized people in art bridges to community support and success. These social change projects have left social tourism legacy projects such as the BC Achievement Award Winning Downtown Vernon Mural Project, the Route 66 Mural City and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Youth Mural Project.

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The ART WAYFINDER "Sunflower" image and philosophy represents the circular creative economy of bringing all to the circle of community through creative skills, Wayfinder art creation, conversation and sharing. A global/local connected community art installation & inclusive story-telling movement spearheaded by world renown award winning master muralist Michelle Loughery in 1997.  Loughery is a social change maker, community tourism art infrastructure specialist and human rights champion,  Michelle Loughery has led art and public art legacy projects around the globe and has stayed connected to the communities and people she has worked with in the model that has raised millions of dollars for small communities world wide, but more importantly built socio economic bridges for many that could not find a door open to them.

The WAYFINDER ART Team is a group of professional artists that bring decades of talent and community arts engagements, art installations, experiences, and events to communities. This innovative collective is unique in creating interactive experiences for public and gallery environments and includes art in action for the audience. These creations leave inspirational stories, art experiences and spectacular community art pieces behind.
Led by artists Michelle Loughery, aj Jaeger and Stacey Phinnemore, their innovative approach to using art as an inspiration for social change and community building has deep roots in the society. Their art infrastructure and innovative actions have been evocative, award winning and globally community altering. The group takes an all-inclusive approach to diversity in culture and art. The focus is the integration of immigrants and long-time residence in the community.

Loughery's dream of a connected community highway art route that would support inclusive projects in all communities has been her vision for decades with her AR:T ROUTE BLUE destination mural town project and the ART ROUTE GOLD sunflower project. The sunflower is symbolic of life, peace and connected planet with out nuclear weapons. Now more than ever is this symbol important as we are facing the Ukraine Crisis.

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The global movement and online art in action consulting supports teaching communities about the importance of WAYFINDER art routes and WAYFINDER(tm) art in each community is part of the knowledge and work the team of Wayfinder ART artists and specialists do.

Using a digital podcast platform (AR:T ROUTE RADIO) to connect and engage. Story telling is a powerful tool and supports hearing of other creative Wayfinders in all areas of life and connecting that power collectively on the

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Challenge for artists around the world to participate in the largest connected sunflower trail in support of peace in Ukraine and the world.

Create your sunflower public art.

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Let's create a powerful sunflower connected art sunflower planting art piece around the globe

Connecting communities with a Sunflower symbol for peace, planet
and creative inclusive communities.
Engage youth, seniors and communities to lead a creative 
renewal moment of Peace, Planet and a creative community.

Our communities are connected along the stretch of blue skies and highways,
but the gold is in the threads and stories of the people in the dotted lines we follow.
 Share the light and work together to a better tomorrow.
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Creating Seeds & ART for Tomorrow!

“Like the sunflowers in the field when the light fades, we can turn to each other to gain connected strength.  For my immigrant grandparents, who were interned during World War One in Canada, let the sun shine on your faces.   And to my grandchildren, make your tomorrow be better than today!”
-  Michelle Loughery  International Master Muralist

The Symbol of the SunflowerHost Artist Michelle Loughery
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Loughery's The Wayfinder Sunflower Project was started in 2013 during the painting of the Internment Mural in Vernon, BC. The success of the campaign was huge, and hundreds of sunflower seeds were planted and many sunflower paintings were inspired. The poem included, by Georgianna Moore, was a part of this inspiration. This project could provide the impetus for further conversation about internment, the importance of cultural history, human rights and social responsibility.

During Canada’s first national internment operations of 1914 to1920 thousands of men, women and children were branded as “enemy aliens.” Many were imprisoned. Stripped of what little wealth they had, forced to do heavy labour in Canada’s hinterlands, they were also disenfranchised and subjected to other state sanctioned censures not because of anything they had done but only because of where they had come from, who they were.

 Muralist Michelle Loughery speaks about the importance of Art in remembering history

ART ROUTE Radio Destination Mural Town Arts Beetle

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Destination Mural Town is on the move in the art beetle.

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Paint for people, place and peace.

Sunflower shines over Vernon peace event. Artists Michelle Loughery and Brenda Ellis joined by others, including public, to paint sunflowers for peace.

The Year of the Sunflower 2022 current Event

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Artist Michelle Loughery's The Wayfinder Sunflower Project, was started in 2013 during the painting of the Internment Sunflower Mural in Vernon, BC. in honour of discovering her family members were interned in Canada’s first national internment operations. Hundreds of sunflower seeds were planted and many sunflower paintings were inspired as an impetus to tell this important story, in the hope that through creative advocacy this would never happen again. 


The importance of further conversation about internment, cultural history, human rights and social responsibility is imperative in these current Ukraine Crisis times.  As part of the national conversation of the importance of the work to tell the stories of many.


New Announcement! Sunflower Skirts and Immigrant Stories The Sunflower Skirts project will engage and create cultural connections, with opportunities to engage in networking, volunteerism and connections with New Canadian Women of all ages.

We are so excited for this important project and event! The Wayfinder Sunflower project Sunflower Skirts and Immigrant Stories Art Exhibition September 6 - October 30, 2022! at Gallery Vertigo!


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Talking to the Sunflowers 
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Destination Mural TownGuest Dr. Karl Schutz
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Elvis is on the BuildingMaster Muralist Michelle Loughery
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The Symbol of the SunflowerHost Artist Michelle Loughery
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The Power of FilmGuest Actor-Filmmaker Ryan Boyko
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Canadian SunflowersGuest Anne Sadelain
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Connect with your community 
And let WAYFINDER ART lead you to find your light! 
BE KIND & always turn your face
to the sun.


Finding your way with art
The Wayfinder ART Project has been connecting and creating with communities for over 25 years.



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Spot the sunflower back road trip game!
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The Wayfinder AR:T Gallery

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The Wayfinder AR:T Map
on the Digital Highway!

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"The Sunflower represents all nationalities that have had their freedoms and rights taken. As a symbol of strength, but also as a symbol of rebirth and creative energy to renew. 

Through conversation we can recognize those who suffered from these injustices and, through greater awareness, ensure that similar injustices are less likely to be repeated in the future as we work towards a new renewal of Canada."

- Michelle Loughery 

International Master Artist 

The Sunflower Project Founder

    Award winning Master Artist Michelle Loughery, Canadian First World War Recognition Fund Internee Descendent, and founder of AR:T Route Blue™ and the Wayfinder AR:T Project.


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Faith and Sunflowers

What does it take to be able to breath?

Faith & Sunflowers, and honey bees

What does it take to be able to see?

Faith and Sunflowers, and honey bees

What does it take when you are down on your knees?

Faith & Sunflowers, and honey bees.

When the light is over the next mountain top

Joy and happiness has happened to stop

What does it take to be able to see?

Faith & Sunflowers and you and me.

Faith and sunflowers, and little drops of rain…kissing the earth and awakening us again.

Feel the earth and smell the seas,

Walk the planet as gentle as can be.

Shine the light and feel the sun.

Faith and Sunflowers, and Honey Bees.

Faith and Sunflowers and little drops of love.. kindness leading us to the sun.

Faith and Sunflowers and honey Bees

Faith and Sunflowers and you and me.

- Master Artist Michelle Loughery  

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Take it to the Wall!  


BIG ART, BIG WALLS, BIG STORIES! When Walls Talk! Join Master Artist Michelle Loughery and friends, as they bring community mural art to life.



See and experience the art through the lens of the master muralists that created the modern masterpieces. 



Talking to the Sunflowers
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take a listen ...

audio streaming times may vary.

The Symbol of the SunflowerHost Artist Michelle Loughery
00:00 / 01:04
It’s Time for the Music to Play Guest Melina Schein (Moore)
00:00 / 01:04
Community as a SunflowerGuest Artist Brigitte Red
00:00 / 01:04
Sunflower tea withGuest Patricia Kozler
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Talking to the SunflowersHost Michelle Loughery
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The Wayfinder Sunflower Project Seed by Seed Exhibition @ Gallery Vertigo

Wayfinder -The Sunflower Project ..."I am in awe of visual artists, and when I went into Gallery Vertigo today with Ardene my jaw dropped. The choice of using satellite dishes is inspired! And who knew there could be such individual expression with the goal of representing sunflowers??? The various mediums (glass, fabric, paint) and methods of display made each piece a wonderful revelation as I wandered around.  Thank you for your contribution to the Vernon art world." -  Susan Currie

My people will sleep for 100 years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back. - Louis Riel